Monday, February 7, 2011

Peter Sisseck, Pingus

Peter Sisseck is the name, wine is the game.
I have heard of his name, but
my nose and palate have yet the opportunity
to grace the passionate work of Mr Sisseck ...

1. Flor de Pingus
2. Pingus
3. Dominio de Pingus, PSI

Peter Sisseck, a Danish oenologist, trained at Bordeaux
travelled extensively between France and Spain ...
In 1995 ... Dominio de Pingus was conceived ....
created his first wine Pingus, with purchase of a
plot of extremely old vineyard.
Pingus is his nickname,
a Danish slang for Peter ......
Later created his 2nd label called Flor de Pingus upon purchasing
another plot of land, 37 acres ....
  • 11.1 acres
  • Tinto Fino (a clone of Tempranillo)
  • average age of vines: 75 years
  • annual production: 3,700 - 6,800 bottles

Flor de Pingus
  • 37 acres
  • Tinto Fino
  • average age of vines: 15 years
  • annual production: 40,000 bottles

Dinner time, 31st December 2010 ...

I was informed to join my boss for dinner ....

There it was, a bottle of Flor de Pingus 2003 ...

popped open .... awaiting to expose its wonderfulness ... big, deep, dark, dense, balanced

black fruit flavors to my novice palate ....

perfectly matched with a medium Wagyu Striploin ...

it was a perfect dinner, a great + pleasurable way

to end 2010 ....

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